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Reiki is a gentle, relaxing way to experience the unlimited capabilities of universal life force energy. It is an energy-based Japanese relaxation technique that promotes healing.
I love feeling Reiki flow through the crown of my head, to my heart, to my hands as I give sessions in person or at a distance. I invite you to experience Reiki as a student or client.
I also love using Reiki to benefit groups of people. I am available for Reiki presentations, sessions, and trainings to organizations, staff, and volunteers and to assist with grant writing for incorporating Reiki into your services for people in recovery, Veterans, animals, and others. Scroll down to learn what Community Reiki can do to help heal you, your situation, and your community with incredibly beautiful energy.


Community Reiki Services

Community Reiki: The Reiki Practitioner's Guide to Healing the World

The Book

Maybe you aren't a Superhero or Harry Potter, but you are YOU and You are just what the world needs right now. Community Reiki: The Reiki Practitioner's Guide to Healing the World is a training guide to help you build a Reiki Team, discover your special Reiki Purpose, and create your unique path for healing the world.
(Note: If your mobile device has trouble with the "Learn More" link, go to Amazon and search for Community Reiki by Kay Adkins.)

Distance Reiki Sessions

Healing Across the Miles

With Distance Reiki, time and space are never a barrier. Reiki energy goes anyplace, anytime for relaxation, healing, and to bring peace in difficult times. Reiki can be sent before, during and after surgery or important events. It can be sent for yourself, your friends, your family, and groups to help with difficult situations.
Distance Reiki is an effective and efficient tool for incredible healing, not just for individuals, but for relationships of all kinds - couples, families, co-workers, even to bring about successful goals and projects.

Reiki I, Reiki II, Reiki Master  and Karuna Reiki Classes

Become a Reiki Practitioner

It's time to learn Reiki so you can shine with light, love, and incredible healing. I'd love to teach you and your friends or co-workers. In Reiki I you learn to do hands-on and self healing. Reiki II teaches distance healing and increases the power of the energy you channel. Reiki II is recommended for animal Reiki. These classes can be done separately or back to back.
Advanced Reiki Techniques,  Reiki Master, and Karuna Reiki bring Reiki practitioners higher skills. Come to the Palm Springs area to relax in the sun and learn Reiki.

In-Person Reiki Healing Sessions

Natural Healing

Ready to Relax? With an in-person Reiki session, your body and mind will feel freer and clearer of the worries and stresses life places upon us. I’m trained in Usui, Holy Fire II and Karuna Reiki to create a sense of peace to help you with your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing.

Community Reiki Workshops for your Reiki Team

Heal your Community

Got some fellow Reiki friends who are ready to do their part to heal the world? Want a little personal guidance to help you figure out just what to do and how to do it? I can help. We'll work together to go through some of the exercises in my book, Community Reiki, personalized just for you.

Need A Speaker for your Group, Agency, or Conference?

Spread the Word

Need a speaker for a staff meeting, a lunch group, or a conference? I'm in! Let's set it up! I'd love to come tell your organization all about Reiki.


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