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Musical Messages for the Multi-Tasker

November 15, 2017



When you picture someone receiving messages from Spirit, what do you envision? Someone pretzeled into the Lotus position with a blissful Ohm-y look on their face? A persecuted man having a confab with a burning bush? I picture me and my ipod running around the local park.


Face it. Life is busy. I started to dabble in the metaphysical world when I was living the multi-tasker lifestyle. Every action I took had to serve a dual purpose, especially if it was something I enjoyed. Otherwise, every task was just something to hurry and get through so I could get to the next thing on my everlasting To Do list.


I like running. I may not have the grace of a gazelle or the speed of a cheetah, but I like it. It keeps me in shape and lets me eat stuff I might have to give up otherwise. It helps me figure out solutions to problems and deal with anger or annoyance. And it’s time alone with no interruptions.


That is, until I started to meditate while running.


Exercise raises your endorphins, so it’s just a small mental hop to get into a more meditative state. Of course, since I’m on the move, I have to watch where I’m going and be aware of the things around me, which isn’t so bad. I’m not always comfortable letting go completely in seated meditation yet anyway. The first times I really started to drop away in meditation, I thought I was going to die.


With a running or walking meditation, I never feel like I’m not “where I’m supposed to be” consciousness-wise. I just get to be me. Doing what I do and getting messages from Spirit.


And on other days, it’s just me going on a run. I’ve given up the job that had me in constant multi-tasking mode and worked hard to value myself so I can do what I enjoy without feeling guilty. Nowadays I can go for a run and simply run. Not doing a meditation, not sending Distance Reiki to anyone or anything. Just daydreaming….until Spirit interrupts me with a mental tap on the mind-shoulder.


So there I was the other day, just jogging along, when I suddenly “heard” a message that I should pay attention to the song that was playing on my ipod. Already on my second mile, a few songs had already gone by. I hadn’t really been listening. I think my run started with a song by the Ting Tings, but I’m not really sure. I may pick up my feet when I run, but my ipod is perennially on shuffle.


It was already in the middle of a Cheap Trick song, “Never Had a Lot to Lose”. One lyric stood out, “I never had a lot to lose. I never let it slow me down”.  Bingo! Some people get chills or hot flashes as their confirmation that it’s really a message from Spirit. I get a certain energetic feeling or “hear” words from behind and below my right ear.


Since closing our family business, I’d been taking time off, learning how to slow down and enjoy life at a simpler, more enjoyable pace. Now I was rested and…bored.


What to do? Do I get a job and go back to “Real Life” or do I pull up my Big Lightworker pants and finally start my Reiki practice?


The conclusion: I’ve got nothing to lose. Create the website. Do the blog. Do Distance Reiki Sessions. Teach Reiki classes. Do in person Reiki sessions.


Don’t want to rent space or do sessions in your house? This isn’t a roadblock, it’s a bumper to bounce me away from what I don’t want and help me figure out the parameters of what I do want. Just go to the client’s or student’s house instead or go to a special place in the park. Or see if the local crystal shop will let me see people there. Or maybe find a room to sublet at an acupuncture or chiropractic office or something.


“I never let it slow me down." No matter how busy I felt, I never wavered in my spiritual development. Not since I first discovered the word “Reiki” and knew it was for me.


In the midst of my multi-tasking years, I was drawn to becoming an Usui/Holy Fire II and Karuna® Reiki Master and VERY strongly guided to write my book, Community Reiki: The Reiki Practitioner’s Guide to Healing the World. Now, according to Spirit, it’s time to forge ahead to the next step.


But there was something more. This isn’t just a message for me, it’s a message for everyone out there who has been moving forward bit by bit through the massive energy shifts of these last years, growing bit by bit in their modality, whether it’s Reiki or some other form of Lightwork.


It’s a message for you. You’ve never let it slow you down.


And now it’s time to take that big leap forward into your future – the future you’ve been working towards all these years. You’ve got nothing to lose.


Once I got this magical message figured out and confirmed, I still wondered how well this new and unknown future would work out for us. Always helpful, Spirit answered me with the next song to shuffle into my ear from my iPod with “We Are the Champions” by Queen.


Kay Adkins is author of Community Reiki: The Reiki Practitioner's Guide to Healing the World. She is an Usui/Holy Fire II and Karuna (R) Reiki Master. Kay also has her Master of Public Health from UCLA and years of experience in the public and private health field. Contact her through her website at .

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