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Feel Like You’re Stuck in a Box? You’re Not Alone

September 20, 2017


Last week I did a Reiki session on a lovely lady and got an important message for her…and for you. Reiki energy flowed smoothly into her system as I moved through a variety of hand positions, starting with her head and moving on down towards her feet, but when I reached her knees the energy suddenly changed.


The energy at her knees felt…iffy, ambivalent. It wasn’t that the area around her knees didn’t want to take in Reiki energy, they just didn’t seem to know what to do with it.


Your knees tell you which direction to go in, and her knees weren’t going anywhere. Or they were trying to go too many places at once. What was that all about?


I hadn’t been getting strong intuitive impressions throughout her session, simply allowing the energy to flow as it wished, moving to a new hand placement when nudged to do so, but Spirit wasn’t about to leave me in the dark about the sensations I was suddenly feeling at my client’s knees.


“I’m the Man in a Box,” the band Alice in Chains started to sing in my head, repeating this same line over and over. I tried to move my thoughts through the rest of the song to get other lyrics. “Jesus Christ” and “Save Me” came through, but as her plea to Spirit, not as part of the message from Spirit to her. For the most part all other lyrics were fuzzed out. All except that one insistent line, “I’m the Man in a Box.”


After the Reiki session, I talked with my lady and told her the information I had received. She verified that the message resonated with her very strongly. That same lyric continued to run through my head for the past week until I wised up that I was supposed to share this message with you so everyone out there who needs to hear and understand this message will receive it.


“Your knees felt iffy. That tells me that you aren’t sure which direction to go in. There are different possibilities, but you aren’t able to move forward. You feel like you’re stuck in a box, isolated.” The next words that came out of my mouth surprised me, “And you’re not alone. There are lots of people experiencing this right now, feeling stuck and unable to move forward. And it’s okay."


"It’s frustrating. You feel like you should be doing something, should be going somewhere, but you can’t seem to make any progress. You may not even have any idea of what it is you’re supposed to do or where you’re supposed to go. But the truth is, you are exactly where you should be right now. Your……task is to find how to be comfortable in your box. To just be with yourself. Your box is moving forward. It’s imperceptible to you, but it is moving."


“Recognize that you won’t feel this way forever. It’s just for another two to three weeks, then it will start to ease up.”


Our session was on September 14, so two to three weeks means that this feeling of encapsulation will start to ease up around September 26 to October 3. Whew! That’ll be nice. These boxes get lonely.


The next day, as “I’m the Man in a Box” continued to play in my head off and on, I looked up the complete lyrics to see if there was more of a message there. I should have known to just trust the snippets I’d received and let it go. The full lyrics are brutal, not at all appropriate to my session with my lady...but then, why did I feel pushed to check them?


Because there is more that I am to share with you. The box I saw my lady in was a stark brilliant white. There are four thick walls and a bottom, with the top open to the bright blue sky. When I peered over the top of the box I could see green grass underneath and large, healthy trees off to the side. There are lots of boxes on the grass, all alike, all white. All empty except for one single person inside each box. All of these boxes are moving slowly forward at the same pace.


Some of the people in the boxes are resting, some are pacing in frustration, and some are collapsed in depression, while others are patiently meditating, entertaining themselves, or doing the hard, inward-looking work they need to do.


In the lyrics, the man in the box is drowning in his own filth, begging to have his eyes sewn shut so he can't see what he has created for himself. That’s not us. Not now, anyway. But it is where we, as humankind, have been. And it doesn’t work. We can’t shut our eyes to the garbage and crap of the world that humans have created and pretend it isn’t there. We can’t wish it away with ignorance.


Look inside your box. If you do see or feel like your personal box is filling with your own waste, I have a job for you. Install an imaginary drain in the corner and allow it to all flow out…Which reminds me of another aspect of my lady’s healing session.


Using Karuna Reiki, I worked to open blocks in her feet, clearing out what no longer serves her and allowing energy to flow out freely. Typically, I’m able to work on both legs together at the same time with no problem. The blocks are the same and the energy that flows through each leg is the same. This time, though, I had to work on one leg at a time.


Her right leg came unblocked with some effort and big dark, heavy chunks poured out in droves. Her left leg was a different story. I even questioned whether I should continue to work on them. Maybe they weren’t ready to release for a reason. Maybe it was just my ego giving me this stubborn determination to keep at it. Nevertheless, I persisted.


It took a lot of concentrated work to unblock her left foot. When it did finally release, It surprised me. I expected to see something thick and gunky come out, or maybe big heavy chains draped in moss. You know, the usual thing I see with big releases. Know what came out? A thin khaki-colored whey. A dribbly wan liquid.


That’s it? That’s what was being held in with such vigor and strength? That’s what she didn’t want to release? Yes.


The big releases get all the attention, but it’s the subtle, tainted waters that are more insidious and far harder to release. Mostly because you don’t think they’re important. “I did the big work. Why should I have to clean up this little bit?” Because it's all important. The big healing and the little healing. 


As you sit alone in your box over these next few days, focus on healing the beliefs and prejudices that taint your whole being. The little things that don’t seem so bad as they poison your soul. See yourself, listen to yourself, and most importantly, forgive yourself. It’s a beautiful world outside of our boxes. Spirit wants to make sure you are ready to live in that beautiful new world.

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