Distance Reiki Sessions

Healing Across the Miles

Distance Reiki makes scheduling easy. No transportation issues to worry about, no missed appointments. The energy just flows when and where needed, gently, easily, and effectively. 

I find Distance Reiki to be even more effective than longer hands-on Reiki at removing old blocks & patterns and healing complex relationships and situations.

As always, the intelligent energy of Reiki heals for the greatest good. Healing doesn't always come in the way you expect, but it does come.

30 minute Distance Reiki session     $40.00

Some people like to receive Distance sessions at their bedtime. Using the contact form below, specify that you would like a Distance Reiki Session and when (date and time) you would like to receive the energy. You can also let me know any specific issues you'd liketo focus on, if you like.

I will call, text, or send a confirming e-mail to work out the details and share payment information. Let me know your preference.

During Distance Reiki sessions, I may receive intuitive messages, which I pass along in an email, text, or call after the session. If you prefer to communicate face to face using skype, we can make arrangements.



I'd love to hear from you! Let me know your comments, questions, and testimonials. If you are interested in Distance Reiki, Reiki Training, an in-person session, or a Community Reiki workshop for your Rekii Team, be sure to mention it in the subject line or message section.

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